Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons

Singing lessons with Deirdre Shannon

Singing Lessons

Hello, as you can see from my biography I have been involved in singing all over the world for many years originally starting out by being classically trained by the College of Music Dublin.

While I continue to perform on stage I also take on students to guide and teach them on using their voice in whatever area of singing they are interested in. This can consist of one or a series of  singing lessons depending on what the student wishes to achieve.

Students can be of any age so you are never to old to learn to improve your voice.

  • About Deirdre Shannon

    Deirdre, a versatile singer from Ireland, has always had a natural instinct for music. She developed this further by classically training at Dublin’s College of Music. With this education under her belt, Deirdre embarked on a solo career and through an illustrious series of achievements in critically acclaimed singing groups and shows around the world has made a name for herself.

    Featuring in Deirdre’s career to date are the internationally acclaimed shows - Lord of the Dance, Celtic Woman as well as many appearances with other groups such as the Celtic Tenors, Dionne Warwick and The Chieftains.
    For more on Deirdre please view her Biography page.

    She is now available as a Wedding Singer, Funeral and Church music singer by contacting her directly and to perform in shows which are organised through her agent.

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